CVI Friendly Slap Can Koozie


Encouraging students with CVI to use their vision for functional purposes is often easier to do when the target is food!  Making a bottle of milk or a cup of juice really stand out is easily achieved by using a CVI Friendly Slap Can Koozie.  These are easy to make by following the steps below.

photo-2  photo-3

Most of us have an extra Slap Can Koozie around our house.  They are often given away at conferences with company logos on them.  If you don’t have an extra Slap Can Koozie at your house, you can order one at Amazon (just type in “Slap Can Koozie” in the search bar. 

The items you will need to create this DIY project are the following;

1 Slap Can Koozie

1 piece of brightly colored reflective fabric in the student’s preferred color


Fabric Adhesive (permanent)

A spreading stick (I use a popsicle stick)


Peel off the logo outer covering to use as a pattern.  Alternately, leave the outer covering on, and just use the entire Koozie, flattened out, as a pattern.


Cut the solid colored, reflective fabric to the same size as the “pattern”.  Remember to use a fabric in the preferred color of the student this Koozie is intended for.  JoAnn Fabrics has sequin like reflective fabric, similar to the red fabric in the photo, in a variety of colors.


Spread fabric glue on the top side of the Koozie.  Spread a thick quantity and make sure it is spread all the way to the edges.  Use a popsicle stick or other spreader to help get the glue into all the bends.


Position the pre-cut fabric on the top of the Slap Can Koozie.  Press it down to make sure all of the edges stick flat.  Let this dry for a full 24 hours or until it is fully dry.


Use the CVI Friendly Slap Can Koozie to make a bottle of formula or a cup of juice stand out.  SpotLIGHT it, if needed, for extra illumination (learn about “SpotLIGHTing” elsewhere on this website).  Remember to present it in front of a solid background, black in particular.  Remove other “visual clutter” from the student’s field of view so that the Koozie covered target stands out.  Using a target like this helps to encourage an association between the color/shape of target and eating as well as development of reaching for/grasping behavior.