Creating CVI-Friendly Books

Creating your own CVI Friendly books is fun and easy to do.  Generally, I only use books with photo representations of targets when students have a clear understanding of what a 2-D image is.  Often, this isn’t until the student is visually functioning at a 6.5 to 7 or higher on the CVI Range.  I have found that students often have an easier time moving from visually attending to a 3-D object to the 2-D picture when the photo is of a familiar, real target.  For example, if the student’s favorite toy is a red Elmo, then use a color photograph of a red Elmo (or a picture of Elmo on an iPad).  There are two primary book making materials I use;

1.  Large, 11″ X 17″ black matte finish (heavy) card stock with black wire binding (I use a TruBind binding machine).

2.  ProClick black covers with ProClick Bindings (Note: use the matte finish, non-glossy side of the page).  These pages and/or bindings can be cut down to any size of choice.


Make sure and mount the matte finish photos of the student’s favorite, familiar toys and objects on the matte finish side of the page (not the glossy side of the page).  The bindings can be clicked on or taken off, if you need to only present one or two photos at a time.