The illumi-Spring has been one of the best tools I have used to encourage a student who is visually functioning in Phase I to begin to use their vision.  It is basically a lighted slinky, but put together in such a way that it is easy to manipulate,  bounces slowly without making noise, the light is bright (high lumens), and it can be hung or suspended (as in a CVI Den).  I have tried many of the less expensive, copy cat Slinkys, but have found that using the original Slinky Jr. from Poof to be the best for my purposes.

First, cut a Goody Elastic Hairband so that it is a single elastic length.


Use a black, battery operated puck light (it is very important to use a puck light that is very bright).  This brand comes from Lowes Hardware.


Use the child’s preferred color of Slinky. Note: As mentioned above, the best brand to use is Slinky Jr. made by Poof (as shown in picture). The best colors that I have found to use are either Yellow or Red.


Using a hot glue gun, put a thin layer around the flat end of the Slinky.


With the puck light flat on the table facing upward, place the glued end of the Slinky around the edge of the puck light. Note: Be careful that you don’t get glue on the edge of the flexible, press on / press off light.


Press down and adjust to make sure it sticks solidly, and that the light is centered.


Once the thin layer of glue is dry, run another line of hot glue along the outer edge to make a solid seal between the Slinky and puck light.


Place a dot of glue on one side of the puck light.


Take one end of the elastic band and press it onto the dot of glue.


Add extra glue on top of the edge of the elastic in order to seal it firmly to the puck light. Note: Be careful that no glue reaches the edge of the puck light where the battery lid needs to turn freely.


Repeat this process on the side of the puck light directly across from the first.


This is the final product. An “S-biner” (by Nite Ize) can also be attached to the elastic band to hang this device, for example, in a CVI Den.


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