Rolling Ball Video, April 12, 2020

Tips, Tricks, Modifications and Strategies

Phase I Target: Rolling ball video

April 12, 2020

Creating materials for students with CVI is always fun for me and I often wish I had more time to be creative.  During these days of self-quarantine, I finally have some time to create all of the materials and books that have been on my, “To Do” list.  I will be posting photos of the materials, along with tips, tricks, modifications and strategies regarding the materials created in the hope that you too will try your hand at making some unique, child-specific materials for your student or child.  When appropriate, I will offer templates and other materials for you to use, to complete the project as well.

For this post, I will be sharing my interpretation of an idea from the blog titled, ““While You Are Home: Activities For Children With CVI” by Dr. Christine Roman.  Dr. Roman notes that this visual target could be used with a child in Phase I.  You are encouraged to read Dr. Roman’s blog first, so you will better understand how this target might be used.  You can access this blog at Dr. Roman’s website cviresources and at Paths to Literacy;

Phase I, Activity 2: Rolling ball video

Materials needed to create this video:


Set up your trough or length of fabric in a sunny or well-lit area.  You can make a trough by placing 2 long parallel pieced of half round wood underneath the fabric.  Alternately, you can use 2 Eva Half Moon Dowels placed parallel underneath the fabric.  Roll the child’s favorite ball slowly down the length of fabric and use the video function on your camera to film the rolling ball moving in slow motion.  Once you have your clip, loop it in iMovie or make it into a GIF (hint: Google, “How to make a GIF on your iPhone).

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