Matching Game, April 21, 2020

Tips, Tricks, Modifications and Strategies

Phase II: Matching Game (with options for an Advanced Matching Game)

April 21, 2020

Creating materials for students with CVI is always fun for me and I often wish I had more time to be creative.  During these days of self-quarantine, I finally have some time to create all of the materials and books that have been on my, “To Do” list.  I will be posting photos of materials, along with tips, tricks, modifications and strategies regarding materials created in the hope that you too will try your hand at making some unique, child-specific materials for your student or child.  When appropriate, I will offer templates and other materials for you to use, to complete the project as well.

For this post, I will be sharing my interpretation of an idea from the blog titled, “While You Are Home: Activities for Children With CVI” by Dr. Christine Roman.  Dr. Roman notes that this visual target could be used with a child in Phase II, although there is an advance version for children in high Phase II or Phase III.  You are encouraged to read Dr. Roman’s blog first, so you will better understand how this target might be used.  You can access this blog at Dr. Roman’s website cviresources and at Paths to Literacy;


Materials needed to make this game:

  • Exact, realistic color photographs of the student’s favorite, familiar items
  • The matching favorite, familiar object
  • The exact, realistic color photographs presented on an iPad or other tablet
  • Office Depot Shipping Labels (8 ½ X 11 inches), or other premium full sheet shipping label *affiliate income
  • Avery Printable Magnetic sheets (8 ½ X 11 inches) *affiliate income
  • All-In-One Board or other small magnetic dry erase white board *affiliate income

First, determine what the student’s favorite familiar toys and visual targets are.  These would be objects the child consistently looks at which may or may not be toys.  Take crisp, clear photographs of each item individually, against a plain, high contrast background (strictly limit complexity in the array) or locate a stock photo which is an exact image using clip art.  Upload the photo on the iPad (or tablet) and store in apps such as PowerPoint, Keynote, Pictello or simply store in Photos.  Print off the chosen pictures using a high-quality color photocopy machine.  I printed my photos on 8 ½” X 11” Shipping Labels.  The backing was then peeled off and the photos were attached to 8½” X 11” Magnetic Sheets.  Cut out the individual printed photographs.  I presented my color photographs on a white magnetic board (All-In-One Board) so that it could be presented in my student’s best field of view.

To play the game, present the favorite, familiar 3D object to the child and encourage them to look for the 2D photo representing that object.  You might start with 2 photos to choose between, then as the child gets better at locating the matching photo, use 3 photos to choose between, and so on.  Note that the child may reach out and touch the matching photo, swipe at the photo, use head turn and/or eye gaze.

For a more advanced, high Phase II version of this game, again use the child’s favorite, familiar objects or targets and print off photographs of the targets, but this time, use color illustrations and/or black and white line drawings (not the exact color realistic image).  Possibly use pictures of the same item but in a different color, etc.  Again, give the child the familiar 3D target and ask them to visually locate the “matching” photo.

Pictured below, the complete assortment of items for this activity (basic and advanced), including the real 3D objects (Elmo, red bucket, red duck red Mardi Gras necklace and red mylar pom pom), the iPad to present the realistic color photographs, the photographs of the exact images and the photographs of the target presented in black and white line drawings or color illustrations, and an All-In-One Board which the magnetic pictures adhere to.

Pictured below, red mylar pom pom, exact photograph of the pom pom on the iPad, All-In-One Board with 4 color realistic photographs, including one exact realistic image of the red pom pom.

Pictured below, red Mardi Gras bead necklace, exact photograph of the red necklace on the iPad, All-In-One Board with 4 color realistic photographs, including one exact realistic image of the red Mardi Gras necklace.

Pictured below is a photograph of the Advanced Phase II version of this game;


Please note: One or more of the links noted on this blog are affiliate links.  This simply means that if you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at NO EXTRA cost to you.  As an Amazon Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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