Family Video of a Routine, April 25, 2020

Tips, Tricks, Modifications and Strategies

Phase II: Family Video of a Routine

April 25, 2020

Creating materials for students with CVI is always fun for me and I often wish I had more time to be creative.  During these days of self-quarantine, I finally have some time to create all of the materials and books that have been on my, “To Do” list.  I will be posting photos of materials, along with tips, tricks, modifications and strategies regarding materials created in the hope that you too will try your hand at making some unique, child-specific materials for your student or child.  When appropriate, I will offer templates and other materials for you to use, to complete the project as well.

For this post, I will be sharing my interpretation of an idea from the blog titled, “While You Are Home: Activities for Children With CVI” by Dr. Christine Roman.  In the blog, Dr. Roman discusses use of family videos and/or making a video diary.  Since I am quarantined at my home, I do not have access to a student right now to give you an exact example of this activity but will give you a close alternate option below.  You are encouraged to read Dr. Roman’s blog first, so you will better understand how this activity might be used.  You can access this blog at Dr. Roman’s website cviresources and at Paths to Literacy;

What you will need to create this activity:

  • iPad or other tablet technology
  • Application for documenting a story with photographs, such as Pictello

While I haven’t used video to create a video diary, I have often used photographs to create stories about my students.  My favorite application to use is Pictello.  I encourage my student to create a story and I give them a topic.  They take the photographs and with help and guidance, we create an electronic “book”.  If able, the student dictates to me what they want written on each page (I type it in).  Usually, this is a repetitive line, one line per page such as, “This is my dog”, “This is my Cat”, This is my mom”, etc.  This technique could easily be used to create, “a day in the life” or “favorite parts of my day”, as Dr. Roman suggests.

Pictured below, an iPad showing the Home screen for Pictello and the titles of some books my students have helped to create.

Pictured below, an iPad showing one of the “pages” in a Pictello created book with the story lines created by the student.

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